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Scratch Repair
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Scratch Repair

Small scratches and paintwork damage are usually caused by daily wear and tear to your vehicle, but nonetheless can be unsightly and frustrating, especially if you are looking to sell your vehicle or haven’t had it long. LSJ’s scratch repair in Tring can be carried out on minor scratches caused by stone chips or driving too close to hedges and foliage, or more severe scratches caused by the impact of another vehicle or even malicious damage. We work closely with insurance companies too, so if you need scratch repair as part of a claim, please contact us for more details.

Not only can scratches damage your paint work and look bad, but you may find that your car will be worth slightly less, and in extreme cases exposed metal can sometimes rust if left un-repaired, causing you bigger problems in the long run. Through using LSJ for scratch repair in Tring and the surrounding areas, you can be sure to receive a friendly, professional service which won’t cost the earth – we also give free quotes on any job so you know exactly what you will be paying, before you commit.

At LSJ our trained professionals take great care in seeing that your vehicle receives the best service possible when it comes to scratch repair. We have a wealth of experience in repairing scratches on all types of vehicles, from cars to vans, to campers and motorbikes.

The depth of a scratch on your vehicle is vital, because the deeper it is, the more work will be needed. We can assess the scratch/es either at your home or place of work, or you can bring the vehicle to us for inspection. Once we have assessed the repairs needed, we will be happy to provide you with a free scratch repair quote, at no obligation.

Minor scuffs and scratched tend to only affect the top layer of paint on your vehicle, whereas more severe scratches go deeper into the second and third coat, leaving a raised ridge which can be felt when you run you finger across it. It is essential that you seek help from a professional scratch repair company for the more serious scratches, as if left unattended; these can turn to rust in areas where bare metal is left exposed.

So, for all your scratch repair needs in Tring and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote, and get your vehicle looking its best again.