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Lease Car Repair

We designed our lease car repair service to help you avoid surprise bills after your end-of-lease inspection.

A lot can happen during the average 36-month lease that a car wash can’t erase. It’s wise to clean your car before you return it, but even a full valet isn’t enough to guarantee that you won’t be charged penalties for minor scratches in the paintwork, small dents in the bodywork and kerbed wheels.

Guidelines for end-of-lease inspections often leave room for interpretation, which can make it very difficult for drivers to predict whether the lease company will charge them for repairs.

It’s also easy to miss the minor damage that devalues a car, but collection agents and inspectors have the training and experience to find every dent, scratch and poor-quality repair.

LSJ has the tools and experience to find damage before the inspector does.

We use the guidelines in your lease, and only recommend repairs that we feel will help you avoid paying penalties. Alternatively, we’ll use the guidance provided by the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) if you don’t have specific guidelines from your lease company or fleet manager.

This money-saving service includes:

  • A free, no-obligation inspection of your car in line with the lease or BVRLA guidance
  • Recommendations for your approval
  • Repair of paint and bodywork
  • Repair of wheel damage
  • Exterior valet

Your lease company will want to sell your car at market value, which is why they always want to find and repair anything that devalues end-of-lease vehicles. We can help you to find and fix first, to save you money. Call today for your free, no-obligation inspection.

Inspection Tips

  • Bring your lease company’s end-of-lease guidelines
  • It helps if you clean your car before you visit so nothing that could trigger penalties can hide.

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