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Car Respray and Restoration

You can trust LSJ with the respray of your cherished classic. Car restoration is a pleasure for our team, and we enjoy each project as much as we enjoy the smiles of our happy customers.

LSJ have completed resprays for many car restorations and modification projects over more than 20 years. We have exactly the right knowledge, experience and professional equipment to ensure that when you entrust your car to us you can expect a high-quality result and an enjoyable experience.

Our service includes the full lifecycle of a respray or restoration, starting with the disassembly. We remove each item of bodywork, strip to bare metal and repair any issues; whether surface imperfections or huge rusty holes.

We then complete your respray with skill, care and the best paint technology available, to achieve the look you imagined and a durable, resistant finish.

Our satisfied customers include private owners, collectors and museums, and if you would like to be one of them you can start today.